Man-Form and after

By Eruch Jessawala

THERE IS A SHARP difference between the Avatar and the Sadguru in the dropping of their bodies.

When in His compassion […]

“Who weeps for love, he weeps the best”

Once, an old lady, completely bent at right angles at her waist came in. She would put her hand on her forehead […]

Baba’s Samadhi – The two things to remember while bowing down at Samadhi

When bowing down at the tomb, I want you all to remember two things:

– to love Me wholeheartedly. Love does not mean the […]

“This is His message to us”

A few days later, Mehera and Mani were sitting in Baba’s bedroom. “Baba didn’t leave us any message,” Mehera said regretfully, “any instructions.”

Baba’s […]

Baba’s Samadhi – It is a great place to ask wholeheartedly for His love

“The 100 years after the Manifestation of the Avatar is the period of encompassing the direct living […]

Seeking Help At The Avatar’s Samadhi


When the Avatar drops His physical body, there is no lessening at all of His exercise of Infinite Love, Mercy, Compassion, Authority and […]

The Eternal Beloved is interred on 7-Feb 1969

Baba had remarked on the morning of the 31st that he would be free of suffering after seven days. Taking this as a meaningful […]

Yet in all our anguish Baba’s gentle, loving hands were ever on us

Although Baba’s body never showed any sign of deterioration, the mandali decided that on the seventh day the crypt should be closed. The atmosphere […]

Baba’s Samadhi – To Imbibe Divine Impressions

“There is a spiritual intensity at Meherabad. The body of Avatar Meher Baba which is resting in the Tomb at Meherabad, is the body […]

Baba’s Samadhi – The Tomb is the Divine Treasure!


“He has said just before He dropped His body, ‘Now the shop will be opened.’ He has really opened His Wineshop […]