The Amartithi: “My work is done”

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Baba’s inner work intensified, and because of the impact borne by his body, each day after the work he looked exhausted.

One day in mid-July[1968], he remarked: “What a labor it is for me daily, during the hours when I work entirely away from the gross plane, to retain the link with my physical body. I have to take great pains to keep the thread-fine link from snapping!”

On 27 July[1968], Baba commented to Adi: “When I rise to the heights of my work I do not feel the body strain, but when I come down, the body strain is then heavily felt. I am happy that the work done today is excellent.”

Two days later, it seemed as if the strain became tremendous. Anxious telephone calls went back and forth between Pimpalgaon and Adi’s office about Baba’s health. Don went to Meherazad three times that day, bringing different medicines. Medicine had to be called for from Poona and was sent by Meherjee and Meherwan.

Baba’s exclusion work came to an end on 30 July, and from that day the reciting of the prayers was also stopped. That evening, Baba declared:

My work is done. It is completed 100 percent to my satisfaction. The result of this work will also be 100 percent and will manifest from the end of September [1968].

How I kept it going over the last stretch to its completion, I alone know. You cannot have a seed of an idea how crushing the pressure was, for it is beyond human understanding. On the final day, my body felt as though it had been through a wringer!

—, p5340

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