“It is always the outlook that counts, and not the object”

[Personal Interviews with Baba: A nurse who has some fears in life which she discloses to Baba]

Question. Oh, I am so happy to see you . . . . I am so tired of life, and very unhappy . . . . I don’t see how I can improve!

Baba: Everyone is unconsciously tired of this life, because every one seeks happiness, but knows not how to get it. But life is beautiful ! It is meant to be happy. I will help you. Then things will appear changed. You will see it.

It is always the outlook that counts, and not the object. Today you feel tired, upset, seeing nothing beautiful in things around you in life. If tomorrow you do not feel bored, but cheerful, in the same things that appeared so black yesterday… it is all due to changed mentality and outlook.

The easy way is not to make much of things. Take them lightly. Say to yourself, “I am meant to be happy, to make others happy,” and gradually you become happier, and make others happier too.

Don’t suggest to your mind, “I am tired, haggard, depressed,” etc. That will make you worse. Always say, “All is well and beautiful. I will be happy.”

I will help you. I can and I will. You will feel it.

-Silent Teachings of Meher Baba, compiled by Naosherwan Anzar, p115

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