Constant remembrance keeps away lower self

An educated man, who had read many religious books and had a genuine interest in spirituality, came for Baba’s darshan in Dhulia. He was […]

Selfishness [12] – Spirituality a positive attitude toward life

Renunciation of desires does not mean asceticism or a merely negative attitude to life. Any such negation of life would make man inhuman. Divinity is not […]

Selfishness [6] – Renunciation of wants

Wants should be carefully distinguished from needs. Pride and anger,greed and lust, are all different from needs. You might think, “I need all that […]

The real remedy – “Remaining in Maya, but not being of it”

If the Avatar or a Sadguru wishes his disciples to renounce something, he resorts to one of two […]

On Renunciation: Tyag, Sanyas, and Vairag – Part 3/3



For real renunciation demands the courage to give up the worldly Maya, which these cowards cannot do, bound and attached to it […]

On Renunciation: Tyag, Sanyas, and Vairag – Part 2/3



Otherwise, these so-called “sadhus” and “sanyasis” of the present day are generally mere idlers (dhongi, haramkhor) who wander here and there with […]

On Renunciation: Tyag, Sanyas, and Vairag – Part 1/3



For the ordinary people of the world, for the great mass of human beings, the best remedy for spiritual ignorance […]

On sanskaras – The Creation, Cutting Up, and Destruction – Part 2/4


The Four Yogas There are four kinds of yoga—karma, bhakti, raj, and Jnan. But the essential and principal first condition of every yoga […]

Mental renunciation


Questioner: How can one get away from material things if one is forced by one’s nature to put the main accent in life […]

How to experience the pure love

Baba proceeded to describe how this pure or divine love can be experienced:

Pure love is not something which can be forced […]