Constant remembrance keeps away lower self

An educated man, who had read many religious books and had a genuine interest in spirituality, came for Baba’s darshan in Dhulia. He was not satisfied with the perusal of books; he longed to renounce the world, but sexual desires persisted, he admitted. He sought Baba’s blessings. The Master explained:

“Renunciation is the stepping stone to the spiritual path. As soon as renunciation is born, the pilgrim enters the Path. But such renunciation is most difficult. It is not an easy thing. The reason is that the mind, which is the root of all disturbances, must be stopped.

When it is annihilated, only then does renunciation happen. But it is not easy for the mind either to stop or be gotten rid of. It is as difficult as carrying the Himalayas on your head!

The affliction of the mind should go; then [complete] renunciation comes. To get rid of this mental curse, you should try to have the longing for divinity to such an extent that you forget yourself.

To gain renunciation is to lose yourself; and you can only lose yourself when your every thought, word and deed keeps Beloved God present and your lower-self absent.”, p1046
Jul/Aug, 1929; Dhulia


“Continue to remember me as this is the positive way of putting an end to all thoughts and desires good or bad.” (Glimpses of the God-Man, Bal Natu, Vol3, p260)

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