You cannot escape but you can become detached

Although Baba gave fewer discourses while we were at Meher­abad than He had given at Nasik, from time to time He talked on various spiritual subjects such as the “Straight Discourse” to us on Meherabad Hill:

“I am in all, in both big and petty things. All are nothing, so why give importance to anything? I take as much enjoyment in looking after the mad, being with the mandali, ordering My agents, looking after the great universal work, as in bringing eggs to Hedi and mail to you all. You cannot escape petty things, because everything except God is petty.

“What you can do is to be detached. Use the petty things but know they are petty and so remain unattached to them.

“For example, false teeth are for eating; they are attached in your mouth. You know they are false and you can take them out; attached and detached, you make use of them.

“The dirty body which I call the walking latrine is made use of for the soul to realize itself. Can you escape from it? You cannot escape its perspiration, so what you do is wash away the perspiration. But if all day you go brooding, ‘Why do I perspire? I must not perspire,’ it is of no use. You cannot escape but you can become detached.”

-Love Alone Prevails, Kitty Davy, p244

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