Baba’s Want vs Wish vs Will



On 16 August 1960 when a discussion arose over whether something Baba had stated was an order or not, Baba clarified:

want you to do this means I would like you to do it if you can. That is, it is a request.

wish you to do this means I want you to obey whether you can or you cannot. That is, it is an order. In such cases there is a chance of the wish being thwarted by disobedience, by not obeying.

will you to do something means that you are definitely, automatically to do it, and you are able to do it because I make you do it — because it is my will.

Baba also once explained:

When I give an order, it is not like an order given by a commander in the field of battle. Rather, when I give an order, it implies my pleasure. It should not be equated with the order given by a general. In my case, it is an expression of my pleasure. Thus, I give you scope to exert your very most to please me., p4715
Aug, 1960; Meherazad

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