Masters not to be approached with material motives

Worldly people are so immersed in material cravings that nothing interests them unless it has some direct bearing upon the fulfillment of these cravings. Thus they may come to a Perfect Master and serve   or respect him in the expectation of being helped with their material problems. When a person approaches a Master with respect, it becomes the duty of the Master to help him spiritually, even when he has come with some other motive. The Master, with his perfect understanding of the human mind, may therefore decide to help the person materially in order to win him over to true spirituality. Such offering of material bait for spiritual purposes is an exception rather than the rule. Mostly the Masters discourage people from approaching them for any material advantage.

From the spiritual point of view, it is infinitely better for a person to love a Master simply because he is lovable than to love him for some selfish ends. People should go to a Master because they are genuinely interested in true spirituality and for no other reason. It is only then that they derive the greatest benefit from their contact with the Master.

-Discourses 7th Ed. p196

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