Best anti-selfish measures

The spirit of true love and sacrifice is beyond all ledgers and needs no measures. A constant wish to love and be loving and […]

Love in any shape and form is the finest give and take

“Love for God, love for fellow beings, love for service and sacrifice — in short, love in any shape and form is […]

Inscribe these words in your heart

Turning to Filis and Adele, Baba remarked, “Nothing matters but love for God. Masts have this love. One must drown in the lake […]

“So, dear Soul, long for your Divine Beloved”

“Hectic search for exhilarating experiences should not be mistaken for love. They are the forerunners of grim, relentless penalties and intense suffering.

“Love from […]

“Love Me for Love itself”

Baba clapped His hands and we came running. Then, in the course of His talk with us, He spelled out […]

Control of mind: Channels for sublimating mental energy – Love and devotion

Selfless service and meditation are both spontaneous when they are inspired by love.

Love is therefore rightly regarded as being the most important avenue […]

In that destruction emerges construction

AS IN ELURU, Baba visited the homes of ten of his lovers in Tadepalligudem. A man […]

Loving Beloved Baba

This special message was sent for Naosherwan Nalavala’s periodical the Glow (dictated on 19 December 1966):

It is easy […]

“Anything given with love is not lost”

Occasionally, Baba permitted his lovers to pay to have food prepared for himself and the mandali on some special occasion […]

You can love Him in any form

Baba told him [Professor Dagray]: “All understanding is not knowing. Everything that can be understood is not God … […]