In that destruction emerges construction


AS IN ELURU, Baba visited the homes of ten of his lovers in Tadepalligudem. A man named Bapiraju had lost his job and was facing financial ruin. At his house, to console him, Baba stated:

I am the Avatar, Perfect Master, anything. I am what I am and beyond that, too. Consequently, because you love Baba, this is the result. Whoever loves Baba suffers, because in that destruction emerges the real construction, in the barbadi [total ruin] emerges the real abadi [prosperity].

The man of the world with average means of comforts feels himself apparently having a stable stand on the earth, but he is quite ignorant that this so-called comfortable stand of his drags him down more and more, as if he were standing on the surface of quicksand or fire. That is what we find in the world. A man of the world, apparently comfortable, seeks more comforts, and there is no end to his seeking and stabilizing his position. But, in order to have a permanent stand, it is absolutely necessary that his apparent stand be totally removed. This means his apparent comfortable environments be withdrawn.

It is invariably found in the case of lovers of God that they have no place which they can correctly claim “as their own.” For the sake of the overwhelming love of their Master, his lovers are unmindful of calamities and sufferings. Their whole stand on this earth is completely shaken to such an extent that nothing is left to cling to but the love for their Beloved Master. They seem to be like dust particles floating in the air.

Ultimately, as soon as the love for the Master is established, that love places them on a rocklike foundation. The lover finds himself established on a rock of unshakable faith in the Master and he no longer craves for the apparent comforts and position which would have otherwise dragged him to destruction.,p3483
March, 1954; Tadepalligudem
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