Inscribe these words in your heart

Turning to Filis and Adele, Baba remarked, “Nothing matters but love for God. Masts have this love. One must drown in the lake of fire and come out unscathed to reach God.”

“Hundreds of years from now people will be talking about what we did here, what happened while the Master was here. And then I will come again — and again, and again — and so will you all.

“Filis and Adele do love me. You have been with me before. I have known you since ages; you do not know how long! Do not worry about anything. Only love more, and more, and more. Let these words be inscribed in your heart: ‘Nothing is real but God, nothing matters but love for God.’ “

Baba pointed to his own heart as he stated this, and his fingers seemed to “write” it on the hearts of his lovers present.

“I will draw my sword very soon,” Baba concluded., p3076
May, 1952; Myrtle Beach

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