Illusory world

Illusion is the basis of the juggler’s tricks. Through Maya, the world, which is no more substantial than a mirage, appears to be real. […]

Firm decision is required to extricate oneself from maya


During his brief stay in Bombay, Baba visited the Wellingtons (the couple whom he had met in May). Baba explained to them:


The Atma’s Love of Play

Each and every seemingly individual soul [atma] is destined to realize its One Indivisible Self. As soon as the atma begins to unfold to […]

Wars are seen to be a part of the divine game

When truly understood, all conflicts and wars are seen to be a part of the divine game; they are thus a result of the […]

The Avatar’s Advent

Age after age the Avatar comes amidst mankind to maintain his own creation of illusion, thereby also awakening humanity to awareness of it.

The […]

Maya awaits the opportunity to use your weaknesses

Knowing my love for you, Maya awaits the opportunity to use your weaknesses. The moment you neglect my instructions, Maya’s purpose is […]

Real alleviation of suffering

The quest for happiness is irretrievably enmeshed in the problem of the illusion of the world of form with which the individual self has […]

Out of the mayavic prison

A child who could but go about in the house on all fours once found a shining new coin, a rupee (Maya), lying in […]

Internal fountain of bliss

Question: If all the beautiful things we have known moonlight, stars, music, the sound of the sea, the fragrance of flowers, our little dreams […]

All pure, unadulterated love reaches Him

This extemporaneous special message about worship or obeisance:

Every one of you, man or woman, […]