All pure, unadulterated love reaches Him

This extemporaneous special message about worship or obeisance:

Every one of you, man or woman, of any caste or creed, has an equal right to attain Divinity, and external renunciation is not at all necessary. Everyone, man or woman, while attending to all duties in the everyday walk of life, can attain to Divine Fatherhood and Universal Brotherhood through honest love for God.

I can say with divine authority that I experience eternally and consciously and continually being One with you all and One in you all. Any worship or obeisance done to any deity, animate or inanimate, to any saint, guru, yogi or advanced souls eventually comes to me. By offering pure, unadulterated love to anyone and anything you will be loving me.

And, let me assure you, on divine authority, that we are all One. Being rich or poor, literate or illiterate, of high caste or low caste, does not matter in loving God, our Supreme Beloved. I give you all my blessings for the understanding that loving God in any form, in any way, will make you eternally free.

Baba concluded by stating:
Reality pulls you toward Itself, and illusion pulls you toward itself. If you let go the pull of Reality, you get drowned in the ocean of illusion. If you lean toward both, you get crushed. So let go the pull of illusion through love and become One with Reality., p3519
March 1954 ; Andhra Darshans


“… whatever has been created by love – true love – never dies. “
(, p3066)

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