Philosophy vs. Facts


On 13 May 1960, Baba asked one of his devotees, “Have you read Stay With God?” The woman had a poor excuse of “no time.” Baba asked, “Is that really so? Are you being honest in your answer? Hypocrisy is the worst thing, and in every walk of life it consciously or unconsciously persists.”

The woman put forth another excuse of “pending work.”

Baba continued, “It is good to be frank and honest in all matters, whether most ordinary or important. Let not hypocrisy persist and try with every breath to keep it at a distance.”

The woman had one more excuse: “I have no interest in philosophy.”

Baba replied, “There is no philosophy in the book. A simple thing made difficult is philosophy. The book contains food for the brain and a feast for the heart.”

Someone interrupted, saying, “Expounding of a certain principle is philosophy.”

Baba remarked, “Statement of facts and philosophy are not the same. Can you call the Gita a philosophy?”

The person claimed, “It can be called so.”

“Then here is my philosophy: I am in everything; I am everything; and I am beyond everything. To know me as I am, you must lose your all in me.

“I am the Ancient One. Also, remember well that this is not mere philosophy but a statement of fact based on Experience.”, p4678
May, 1960; Guruprasad


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