Why Avatar suffers despite enjoying infinite bliss


Now I will explain the paradox of why a Qutub or the Avatar, who enjoys infinite bliss, is said to be simultaneously suffering infinitely.

When I say, “Deshmukh, no one in the whole universe suffers like me,” he smiles and replies, “Baba, how can you, who are the source of bliss, ever suffer?” The Qutub has put on this cloak of illusion. Why? To make others enmeshed in illusion become infinite like him. He sees the suffering of others – the lepers, the lame, those who need money, others who want a son. He hears their cries: “Save us, save us from this suffering!”

He sees all this with the cloak of illusion he has taken upon himself; but, with the eternal infinite bliss as his background, he experiences that all that suffering is nothing. It is just ignorance. So he does not pay attention to their illusory suffering. He wants the sufferers to really suffer, and in this real suffering he wants them to burn their illusory suffering – meaning, to undergo those sufferings which will burn their false lives. Those sufferings are for God.

But how to do it? How to create in them the real suffering? So, through his cloak of illusion, the Qutub suffers the most. He wants to burn the false life of others; therefore, he burns his cloak of illusion which he has worn for others. He becomes like a candle, and as soon as the candle starts burning, moths gather around it. The candle goes on burning and burning, and thousands of moths burn in it. Thus he suffers for others and makes others suffer for him.

Baba concluded: “In this way, by wearing the cloak of illusion, the God-Man plays the dual role of suffering and making others suffer. But that suffering liberates them.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p3481
Feb 1954; Andhra Darshans


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