All weaknesses put together can form a tower of strength

Baba then stated: “I am fed up with all this bowing down. Gods bow down to me! So what of human beings? I do not want all this. I want workers — honest workers. I know everyone has weaknesses, but we must put all our weaknesses together and erect a tower of strength out of them.

“That is my plan. For example, one thorn here, one thorn there, can be of no use. When scattered they only prick. But thorns put together can make a hedge that no one can enter. The same scattered thorns can become a source of protection when formed into a hedge. Similarly, all weaknesses put together can form a tower of strength*.”, p3478
February, 1954; Tadepalligudem (Andhra)

* Footnote in Lord Meher: The meaning of putting weaknesses together is that when one becomes aware of one’s weaknesses and they are not put into action, then one builds control and becomes “a tower of strength.”

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