Above purity is love

Adele wolkin with Beloved Baba, Meherazad

Adele [Wolkin] met Baba at 10 […]

The first step in spirituality

Remember that the first step in spirituality is not to speak ill of others. All human beings have weaknesses and faults. Yet […]

“Love for Baba wipes away the mistakes”

“Everyone commits mistakes unless one is Perfect and One with God, but love for […]

“Continue to remember me”

After one of the songs, a devotee sitting close to Baba said, “Baba, for many years I have been following you, thinking […]

Dealing with failures: Should be taken as stepping stones

[In a letter to western lovers, Baba wrote:]

…For love never dies. It lives and enables all to live forever, in spite of all […]

Dealing with failings: Faith in Master

Faith in a Perfect Master becomes all-important because it nourishes and sustains faith in oneself and faith in life in the very teeth of […]

Dealing with failings: Once established on the path failings will be swiftly washed away

The Sadguru takes infinite pains to contact and win over the disciple for spiritual life. Since the progress of the disciple is secured only […]

Dealing with failings: Directive effort toward the established ideal

What really matters is not aimless discontent with existing limitations but directive effort toward the established ideal. As long as the person is turned […]

Dealing with failings: Penance should not result in habitual gloomy pondering over failings

The unwinding of many other sanskaras can be brought about through penance. This consists in augmenting and expressing the feeling of remorse an individual […]

You should be afraid of dishonesty but not weaknesses

Baba observed [referring to the difference of opinions among Hamirpur workers]: “Such differences of opinion among my men have been the same […]