“Continue to remember me”


After one of the songs, a devotee sitting close to Baba said, “Baba, for many years I have been following you, thinking of you, but I still have thoughts of lust, greed and anger; sometimes these are overpowering.”

Baba gestured, “Don’t worry. Continue to remember me as this is the positive way of putting an end to all thoughts and desires good or bad.” He then quoted a Hindi couplet meaning, “Where there is Rama there is no kama (lust-desire); where there is kama there is no Rama.”

Baba continued, “This is a fact. So long as you do not see me as I really am, thoughts and desires, good or bad will remain. But don’t feel disheartened; don’t stop remembering me. I will help you.”

Again, remembrance should not merely be equated with the repetition of His name. It entails living a life of aspiration, a life of ever increasing yearning and longing, in His love. Then His grace will light a spark within, which will dispel the darkness of unwanted thoughts and feelings. This is, I gather, what Baba means by the “positive way.”

-Glimpses of the God-Man, Bal Natu, Vol3, p260

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