“Love for Baba wipes away the mistakes”

“Everyone commits mistakes unless one is Perfect and One with God, but love for Baba wipes away the mistakes.

We must remember that God is all Truth, all Beauty. And in our love for God, for Baba, we must be 100% honest. Purity, honesty and love; God wants these three.

And you love Baba. So don’t bother about anything. Weaknesses will go; defects will go. Even if they linger on, love will one day consume them. In the Ocean of Love, everything disappears. However dirty one’s mind be, the love one has will wipe it out completely.

In you, you have a lake of love for Baba. Even if you were to wash your face—all dirt— every day in the lake of Love, the lake would remain clear. So for every defect, every weakness that persists, you need not bother; it is being washed off.

You must love with all your heart and honesty. Love demands that you think not of yourself but of the Beloved. So don’t worry. Baba loves you; that really matters.”

-Glipmses of the God-Man, By Bal Natu, Vol 3, P33

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