When you in me resign

Once a friend near suicide calls to Him in despair.  At that time she was in America and Baba was in India. She put her heart’s anguish into a letter addressed to Him. But before the letter was closed, the inner wide space opens and within her deep confusion she sees His calm eyes appear. The passing quest is cleared. Calm and confidence in life is re-established.

He says: “I am in you, with you always; in you I work, and out of you, I do the work in will, and life in energy. When you in me resign, I in you can operate free. When you in me give-in, I in you outwardly and inwardly free the rude, crude show of you, the ‘I’ and create you like me. I can in you prevent the fall and I can in you render immune the want. I am in the All One Pure Work that can what no man can. I am Infinite—I am Truth.”

–Meher Baba Journal, Feb 1939, Vol 1, No. 4, p86

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