Physical suffering


Observing one woman who looked worried about something, Baba remarked:

“Shut the trap of your mind and end all your worries. Open the trap of your heart and release love.”

To another who was likewise facing difficulties, Baba urged:

“Don’t worry over physical suffering. Even if the body were cut to pieces, it matters little in comparison with the heart getting stained. Try your utmost to keep the heart pure. Let your faith remain unadulterated. Through the body, you get a chance to suffer, but a time gradually comes, and it must come, when all sufferings are over. Then you leave the body for good and experience eternal bliss.”, p4668
Apr, 1960; Guruprasad


“Do not worry. Be happy in my love and continue to hold fast to my daaman to the very end.”
(, p4617)

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