Real help vs. Temporary material relief

The next day, explaining about his bowing down to the poor, Baba stated, “When I do it, I do not […]

Baba will not let you falter

Even though Baba was in seclusion during August 1935, he still attended to his correspondence, listening to letters and dictating replies. On the […]

Baba’s help in our journey

[In one of Bal Natu’s conversations with the Beloved…]

Baba: “This journey, this way of living, is neither easy nor difficult. From […]

It is all within


A young woman wanted to develop the divine within, but felt she could not achieve it herself, without help. Baba responded, “You will […]

“So feel, then speak with conviction”



The Japanese man Hitaka had returned from Calcutta, and Baba ordered him to keep silence from midnight that night to […]

Sam knew that it was Baba’s hand which had saved them


Sam Kerawala behind Baba next Dhake Phalker


Dear Sam Kerawala joined Beloved Baba yesterday 10-August-2019.


Here is an incident that […]

The real help – to make us know that the purpose of life

There are many ways of helping people: by charity, giving food, clothes, alms, serving them personally, looking after them, working in hospitals, nursing […]

God’s Help comes at the Right time!

Meherwan with Eruch

Remembering the brothers Eruch and Meherwan Byramshaw Jessawala, here is an anecdote.

Background: These are the early […]

Firm determination to obey him

Meherjee Karkaria with Baba

A few years before, Meherjee Karkaria had been instructed by Baba not to sell his business in Iran, […]

“You run after the shadow, losing the substance”

On the train traveling from Lahore to Amritsar, a 53-year-old Muslim man in the compartment was also visibly drawn to Baba. He kept gazing […]