Baba’s help in our journey

[In one of Bal Natu’s conversations with the Beloved…]

Baba: “This journey, this way of living, is neither easy nor difficult. From where you stand there is always a choice of moving into light or darkness. You have to decide.”

Bal Natu: “Then please help me to take my first step toward the light.”

“As long as you depend on Me, My guidance shall flow to you. This way of life does not interfere with any of your outer activities. It is an inner relationship with Me which helps you to lead a simple, natural life, unobserved by others.”

Bal Natu: “Will You help me at each step of the way so that I don’t go astray?”

Baba: “If you sincerely seek, you will discover so many signs of My help already smiling at you. Witness the game I play in you rather than trying to play your game in Me. Then your work will become more and more effortless, and the outpouring of your gratitude to Me will occur more often and more spontaneously. And your journey to Me will be joyous.”

– Conversations with the Awakener, Bal Natu

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