“So feel, then speak with conviction”



The Japanese man Hitaka had returned from Calcutta, and Baba ordered him to keep silence from midnight that night to the evening of the 28th — to think of Baba alone and read his messages.

As Baba would not be coming to Meherabad the next day, and there would be no time for him to meet the Westerners again individually, this was, in a way, his goodbye to them. “To all you meet and see, give my love,” he said, “the only thing worth receiving.”

Baba told Hitaka, “You may become one of my chief workers in spreading my work in Japan and other places, but you must first absorb me and feel that you love me. To tell others what we do not feel ourselves is hypocrisy. So feel, then speak with conviction. I will help you…”

-www.lordmeher.org, p3616
September, 1954; Meherabad (The Three Incredible Weeks)

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