Firm determination to obey him

Meherjee Karkaria with Baba

A few years before, Meherjee Karkaria had been instructed by Baba not to sell his business in Iran, but to continue as he had been doing. Meherjee returned to Iran, according to Baba’s advice, and his business was quite prosperous. In 1945 he again visited India and Baba called him to Hyderabad on 23 June. Baba discussed matters with him, and stated, “Now go back to Iran, close your business down, and move to Bombay. If you don’t, Homai [his wife] will die.”

That was a sufficient incentive, and Meherjee returned to Persia, sold his business as Baba instructed, and landed in Bombay on 2 November. However, it took a long time for Meherjee to finally wind up all his affairs in Iran, and even after he had settled in India, he still had to go back to Iran on business. Each time he would inform Baba by cable that he was leaving, and each time Baba would give him a fixed date for his return.

Once Meherjee could not find a boat from Bunder Abbas to Bombay, and to reach India on the appointed date he sailed by a small fishing vessel. A storm arose during the voyage, and the boat began pitching and rolling from side to side.

The captain said it was too dangerous to go further, and decided they should stop where they were. But Meherjee insisted, “Don’t stop! I have to reach Bombay as soon as possible!”

The captain pleaded, “Dead or alive? If we proceed, we will sink.” The storm continued gathering force and the sea was turbulent, but Meherjee persisted in his demand. Once, he was so forcefully thrown to one side, the platinum ring on his finger broke into pieces. Remembering Baba, he did not lose courage. When the boat docked at the closest port, Meherjee caught another boat bound for Bombay and arrived in time. He experienced Baba’s inner help because of his firm determination to obey him., p2488
Jul, 1945

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