It is all within


A young woman wanted to develop the divine within, but felt she could not achieve it herself, without help. Baba responded, “You will achieve it by my help. Never be disheartened. It is all within, and I will help you to ‘open’ it.”

“How can spirituality be attained?” she inquired.

“It can be attained, not by intellect, but by heart and feeling and inner experience. I could explain for hours, but that would be nothing compared to one second of my internal help. Do one thing: Every night, just before retiring, think for one minute, ‘The Infinite God is within me, and I am part of the Infinite.’ This will put you more and more in contact with me internally.”

Norina introduced a woman saying, “She is a law student.”

“Law is good,” Baba remarked. “This whole universe is based on the divine law of love which covers all existence.”

The woman asked, “How can I strive both to achieve things in life materially and also to that which is permanently lasting?”

Baba explained: “It can be done. What does perfection mean if it does not include the material life? It is easy and practical. Lead a worldly life, attend to all your worldly duties, but for some moments in the day, long for knowing something that is beyond life. And this longing will increase gradually and will make you free and detached from material results.”, p1631
July, 1934; Zurich

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