Try to be always happy

Baba gave a similar reply to a morphine addict who approached him. Baba asked, “Are you happy?”

The man said, “No, very, very miserable.”

“Try to be always happy. Never think that life is dreadful; I am tired of life, et cetera. Such thoughts really make life miserable. Life is worth living. If you think like that, all difficulties will appear insignificant. I will help you try to develop love.

Never think, ‘I am alone,’ ‘I have so much to do,’ ‘I am poor,’ and so on. All are poor. The whole world is poor. Even millionaires are poor because they have greed and want more. Love someone and I will help you.”


“The best and also the easiest way of overcoming the ego and attaining Divine Consciousness is to develop love and render selfless service to all humanity in whatever circumstances we may be placed.”
(, p1731)

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