When Baba wants to get to you, he gets to you

The entire group had followed Baba to the airport to see him off, but as he had earlier instructed, Baba prohibited any of them from embracing him. He frowned as one woman broke into loud weeping and begged for an embrace. Yet, to one here and there, he gave a loving pat on the cheek or chin, as if to say, “Be brave! Chin up!”

… Bili Eaton had not wept, although she too was feeling sad, of course. She related :

Everyone was in tears because Baba was leaving. I was very proud of myself, thinking, “I haven’t cried and I’m not going to cry!” and I was doing very well. We were in a circle around Baba and everyone else was blubbering away. All of a sudden Baba put his hand on my shoulder and “blaa …” the tears started rolling. When Baba wants to get to you, he gets to you; there is no way you can escape!

-www.lordmeher.org, p4085
7 August, 1956; San Francisco airport


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