“Love Me more and that will take care of everything”

Why should you feel yourself unworthy and why do you think that I am pulling on you and so forth? I love you as you are. You have a nice, frank, receptive heart that can and does love in spite of constant reverses, as you say, from the head. And that is all I want.

When one completely depends on Me and leaves things to Me as you have, I see that the reverses from the head gradually give way. I will order everything for the best, as you desire.

Becoming aware of your own weaknesses opens your way and leads you to rise above them. They all have to come out sometime, and the sooner the better. Things are being stirred up, and they are all brought out to prepare you for the greater future that is to be yours.

Love Me more and that will take care of everything, consuming all in its flame, till nothing but Love Divine remains. That is all I want you to do, more and more.


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