“Nothing at all can compare with this love which I offer”

Baba began expounding on the nature of his love, stating at the end, “You have to love so much that all this world you see around you becomes completely unreal.”

Tom [Riley] relates what happened next: “The beauty of [Baba’s] love was so singularly present in my heart in those moments that I as a separate personality ceased to exist and, at that instant, I heard myself cry out wildly, “O God!” I threw myself before him, pressing my head upon his feet.”

It almost happened a second time, during a morning meeting when the other Westerners had come. Baba stated: “Nothing at all can compare with this love which I offer. It is only for those who are willing to risk everything. There can be no compromise in this.”

Tom recalled: “What [Baba] was saying was so clearly related to what he revealed to me at mandali hall [in Guruprasad] ten days before. The beat of my heart quickened. I felt him within me, his love crowding out everything superficial and extraneous. I felt so strongly at that second the need to cry out and express the intensity of this love presence. In that instant, in the midst of 300 people listening to him and gazing at him, and yet, unknown to anyone of these people, he caught my eyes with a stern look and said so vividly in my mind, ‘Don’t make a display of love!’ “

-www.lordmeher.org, p4826
28 Octber1962; Guruprasad (East-West Gathering)

Photo courtesy: Meher Nazar

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