“This is His message to us”

A few days later, Mehera and Mani were sitting in Baba’s bedroom. “Baba didn’t leave us any message,” Mehera said regretfully, “any instructions.”

Baba’s […]

Pilgrimage to Meherabad – Its significance in Eruch’s words

19 August 1994

We His lovers, must not forget why we come to Meherabad in the first place. Meherabad is a place of Holy […]

Baba’s Samadhi – It is a great place to ask wholeheartedly for His love

“The 100 years after the Manifestation of the Avatar is the period of encompassing the direct living […]

“The Avatar suffers physically, mentally and spiritually”


On 1 December 1962, a Life Circular was issued stating that for reasons of his very important universal work, Baba did not wish […]

“Real satsang can be had only near me”

The qawaali program led by Habib Qawaal of Ahmednagar and his musicians then started. Baba would often explain the meaning of key verses of […]

Supremacy of Living Wisdom


The established codes of religion and morality are to mankind as in the general advice given by a father to his […]

The Flash from the Eternal

The act of a Perfect Master is not repetitive. It is not merely the redoing of something previously experienced in the context of a […]

The Limiting Nightmare

The process of getting bound and then unbound is charged with immense significance. The soul gets mixed […]




There is a demoralizing cleavage between what man is and what he wishes to appear to be. When […]

Serving the Master

The ship docked at Aden at three in the afternoon on Wednesday, 4 August 1937. At one […]