“Real satsang can be had only near me”

The qawaali program led by Habib Qawaal of Ahmednagar and his musicians then started. Baba would often explain the meaning of key verses of the ghazals, some of which were:

Once in a while comes a real brave lover of God.
One glance from the Perfect Master makes him realize his own Self.

Referring to the audience, Baba remarked, “All of you are not up to the mark, and so my nazar does not fall on you! … The Path is most difficult. You have to become like dust. Only then will you see Baba as he is within you. Only one, a rare one, sees Baba in this way! … The lover tells his Beloved Master how indifferent he is to him, for when he bows down to him, the Master kicks his head!”

Mentioning himself, Baba said, “I was a drop when Babajan kissed me, but then I swallowed the whole Ocean! If you are lucky and my glance of grace falls on you, then you will also become the Ocean! The main thing is that my glance should fall on you.”

Talking of the large number of bogus saints and sadhus, Baba commented, “Real satsang [the company of a real saint] can be had only near me. That satsang alone is real that will convert the dust into a touchstone that transmutes iron into gold. Hafiz has said that the true lovers of God [Mard-e-Khuda] possess only one thing — love. Out of thousands of such true lovers only one gets Self-Realization, and only if the glance of grace from a Perfect Master falls on him.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p4895
Dec, 1962; Meherazad

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