Serving the little selfless ones is the real service

Baba attended the opening in Ahmednagar of Goma Ganesh’s Babawadi (nursery school).

This message from Baba was read out by Sarosh:

Selfless work, as […]

Inner communication between a lover and Master

“The inner voice is the surest means of communication and never fails to reach me. But the response, whether prompt or slow, depends on […]

The meaning of dedication

To escape from this bondage, leave everything to Baba and dedicate to him, in all honesty and with full sincerity, your everything. The meaning […]

On merging with Baba

Nadine Tolstoy (Nadia) with Baba

Nadine asked Baba, “What it is like for you to feel yourself […]

“Take me with you”

There was more lighthearted conversation; then Baba told us that we should go out, walk around [Meher Mount], see the views, and try to […]

Literal obedience – the crooked knots of sanskaras are set straight

Obedience to the Master as implied in full self-surrender is of two kinds: intellectual and literal. Of these two types of obedience, intellectual obedience […]

“Never hurt the feelings of anyone”

Another lesson for me came that summer at Guruprasad when several of Baba’s close ones were sitting with Him, reminding me of a father […]

“Dedicate your inner life to loving God”

Two other women who saw Baba were Mattie Perone and Muriel Houston, who was helping on the […]

“You are not alone. I am with you”

Will Backett embracing Baba, 1954

During the months following the death of his wife, Mary, Will Backett in […]

Dedicate both good and bad

“Attend to all your duties; you can still love Baba by dedicating all your good and bad to me. Just as you cover your […]