On merging with Baba

Nadine Tolstoy (Nadia) with Baba


Nadine asked Baba, “What it is like for you to feel yourself to be God?”

Baba replied:

Heaven and hell, God and man all are here. You are now God, plus Nadia. When Nadia disappears, God remains. So, Nadia must go. Let Nadia go, and then God remains.

Nadia has to make Nadia go. If you merge in me, Nadia goes. The easiest way for Nadia to go is to forget herself — to forget herself as Nadia. How? Think less of Nadia by thinking more of Baba. When Nadia merges in Baba, Nadia is finished. Baba remains.

But if you go on thinking how to do it and how to merge, then this thought keeps you back. Don’t think of how and when — think of Baba.

But better even than this, and safer too, is to merge in my orders — to do as I say. That is, all should obey instantly!

-www.lordmeher.org, p1777
Feb, 1937; Nasik

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