“Take me with you”

There was more lighthearted conversation; then Baba told us that we should go out, walk around [Meher Mount], see the views, and try to love Baba through nature. He said, “This is all due to my love — this whole creation, this nature, all the beauty you see, all come out of me.” Then as we were leaving, he added, “And take me with you.”

Jeanne writes of her precious experience with Baba and this time:

I was especially impressed with Baba’s saying, “take Me with you.” It was like an order, so I began to imagine that Baba was walking along with me. I began to mentally converse with Baba. “It’s still a bit foggy out, Baba, and the view still isn’t clear… Oh, there’s a big beautiful tree over there, Baba. I’d love to see You sitting under it.” Then, as I walked on, I heard people coming from the direction of the house. Turning around, I was surprised to see Baba, followed by several people, rapidly walking toward the big tree.

Right away I wondered, “Is he going to sit under the tree?”

I started walking toward Baba and the tree, but the crowd moved in front of Baba, and I couldn’t see if he was actually sitting under the tree, but it appeared that he was. [Baba actually was sitting under the tree.] The crowd started to move away, and I was afraid I wouldn’t get there before Baba left. To my surprise, Baba waited and motioned for me to come to him.

When I reached Baba’s side, he reached over and most lovingly kissed my cheek. As Baba and the others moved on, I remained there for a while, completely overwhelmed by the sweetness of Baba’s love. It was so wonderful that all I could do was to seek out a quiet place and sit there by myself in a state of great bliss. I don’t know how long I sat there. Time and place seemed to fade into the background, and I was taken over completely by Baba’s previous love and bliss.

After a while I began to get hungry and realized that it must be long past lunchtime. I hurried to the house and found only a crust of bread left, but it tasted like manna from heaven. Quite some time later, when thinking over this wonderful experience with Baba, it dawned on me that in kissing my cheek, Baba was acknowledging and expressing his approval of my obedience. I really had tried to quite literally “take him with me.”

– As Only God Can Love, Darwin Shaw, p. 395

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