Inner guidance based on the solid foundation of being His

[Here are some helpful points from Eruch on how we should lead our lives in tune with Beloved Baba’s inner guidance]

You want to […]

“When one honestly desires, one never fails”

Khilnani asked, “… but why is it that man, although he desires to be good and honest, fails to do so? This is the […]

He begged Baba to be allowed to obey

Francis then read Baba’s discourse about Hafiz advising seekers to “step out of the boundary of one’s own nature” and what it means to […]

Stages in the obedience of a lover of God

Willing obedience is the real type of obedience inspired by wholehearted love. Even in this last type of obedience (Obedience of a lover of […]

Types of obedience

There are different types of obedience:

1. Obedience of soldiers — from patriotic motives [for one’s country]. If […]

Obedience leads to grace

Eternally, God is the only One, never changing. God never changes. Everything else changes. It is all a passing show. Yesterday has passed; today […]

Action that is aimed at attaining God is truly intelligent

All action, except that which is intelligently designed to attain God-realization, binds consciousness. It […]

Emancipation from the reign of karmic determination

Before karma is created, the individual has a sort of freedom to choose what it shall be. But after it has been […]

The law of Must

We start with the birth of a child, one human child, for example. The birth of this human child is due to his past […]

The need for strong connection with the Master

When the Master gives Knowledge to certain individuals and does not give it to all, that is not because of the Master’s incapacity to […]