He begged Baba to be allowed to obey

Francis then read Baba’s discourse about Hafiz advising seekers to “step out of the boundary of one’s own nature” and what it means to “become like dust” — in other words to completely obey. Baba interrupted several times to explain further.

At the end, Baba asked, “Can you all obey me during the sahavas and from June 10 to July 10, 1958? All who agree to obey me should raise their hands, but consider well what obedience means. Do you understand?” Everyone raised their hands, except for the boys, Noel and Colin Adams, and a man named Lawrie Adolphus. Baba asked those three to come forward. He inquired, “Didn’t you know the terms of coming to the sahavas? Only those who were ready to obey me were to participate in it.”

… All the attendees remembered this as a very serious session with Baba, in which they each looked at the real meaning of obedience and whether they were truly capable of it.

Adolphus, the man standing in front who had not raised his hand, was also very upset and wanted to leave immediately, but Baba would not hear of it. Baba said “I am not asking you to obey Me now, I am asking you to stay as a favor to Me.”

The man left Baba’s presence thinking, “Ah, I’ve had a victory!” But once outside, he stopped and thought: All my life I’ve run away from things. So he came back inside to Baba and begged to be allowed to obey. Baba agreed and forgave him.

-www.lordmeher.org, p4225
June, 1958; Avatar’s Abode, Australia

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