The need for intelligent discrimination based on lasting values [Part 2/2]

This may give him a temporary feeling of release from his problems, but since his troubles are really caused by lack of understanding of […]

The need for intelligent discrimination based on lasting values [Part 1/2]

Sleep is the means by which the mind withdraws temporarily from the pressure exerted by its age-old load of impressions and desires…

In spite […]

Philosophy vs. Facts

On 13 May 1960, Baba asked one of his devotees, “Have you read Stay With God?” The woman had a poor excuse […]

All pure, unadulterated love reaches Him

This extemporaneous special message about worship or obeisance:

Every one of you, man or woman, […]

You should be afraid of dishonesty but not weaknesses

Baba observed [referring to the difference of opinions among Hamirpur workers]: “Such differences of opinion among my men have been the same […]

Serving the Master

The service that the disciple can offer the Master is not only linked with the universal cause of humanity but is one of the […]

Meaning of true discipleship



The Master is supremely impersonal, and always his only concern is to remove the veils between the consciousness of the disciple and […]

Purification through love and surrender

The Master is the divine Beloved; and when the disciple meets his Master, all […]

All weaknesses put together can form a tower of strength

Baba then stated: “I am fed up with all this bowing down. Gods bow down to me! So what of human beings? I do […]

Why Avatar suffers despite enjoying infinite bliss

Now I will explain the paradox of why a Qutub or the Avatar, who enjoys infinite bliss, is said to be simultaneously […]