The supreme importance of attaining the human body

Man’s full consciousness, painstakingly earned through the endless illusory experiences during evolution, is trapped within these very experiences that were so necessary to enable […]

Heart, mind, sanskaras, and body – Part 2

God is your innermost Self. That means that behind this limited body you have within you energy […]

As Food Is to the Body, the Body Is to the Soul

Thereupon the topic of the preservation of the body was dilated upon by Shri:

Why […]

“The body is to the soul as the waste material is to the food.”

Afterwards, he was driven to the Parsi bangli, where he had the car stopped outside. Baba remained seated in the […]

Annihilating Sanskaras: Two Analogies – 1. The tailor and the coat

You people die a thousand deaths, and despite that, you stay where you are and do not progress. You continue […]

Human form’s virtues and vices – part 2 of 2



So to be a human being does not only mean to be born in a human form with the lowest […]

Human form’s virtues and vices – part 1 of 2

The next day in the mandali’s cottage, Baba asked Ramjoo if he was a human being or an animal. Taken aback, Ramjoo […]

The body is the medium for the soul’s progress


One night Baba made these comments to the mandali concerning the process of death:

You eat food, and to keep yourselves healthy […]

Soul, Spirit, Mind

This talk on “Soul, Spirit, Mind” was first given by Baba in the Knightsbridge Hotel in December of 1932 and repeated later:


The Spiritual Significance of the Parts of the Human Body

The very top-most portion of the human body, at the center-point on the sown of the head, represents the brahmanand.

The central part of […]