Soul, Spirit, Mind

This talk on “Soul, Spirit, Mind” was first given by Baba in the Knightsbridge Hotel in December of 1932 and repeated later:

“Soul is beyond everything–is in the Infinite Self, and so is infinite in its individuality.

The Spirit: The Soul, when experiencing the subtle and gross worlds through the mind and body, gets illusionary limits and apparently becomes finite and is termed ‘spirit.’

The Mind is the medium of the Spirit to accommodate the impressions of its experiences and to work out and express impressions in forms of thoughts and desires.

The Body: There are three bodies–the mental, subtle and the gross; these are the three vehicles for the experiences of the Spirit through the Mind. The Mind may be compared to a cup, and intellect may be compared to milk in the cup. Intellect has nothing to do with desires, but Mind has everything to do with desires.

The Intellect is thought power which Mind experiences.”

-Love Alone Prevails, p87

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