Real Choice

The ego-mind feels and exercises its limited and illusory freedom when it chooses to succumb to one impressional disposition rather than another. It seems to enjoy freedom in and through its choice. But this freedom is only apparent; it is not freedom of choice. The impression has utilized the ego-mind in order to be released into expression. The ego-mind “chooses,” but it has no real choice in choosing. Its choice is illusory.

The universal mind, on the contrary, feels and exercises unlimited freedom when it chooses to vivify and release any particular divinized impression. It has full freedom of choice. It may or may not choose to select a particular activity. Its choice is unlimited and real.

The ego-mind “chooses,” but it chooses in ignorance and restricted freedom. The universal mind chooses, but it chooses in the knowledge of Truth and in unlimited freedom.

-Life At Its Best, p33

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