Heart, mind, sanskaras, and body – Part 2

God is your innermost Self. That means that behind this limited body you have within you energy and mind with both its functions. You as you, the ego, are also there. Behind all this, imagine God as infinite space. Try to grasp what this means. You have this idea of yourself as body; you feel happy, depressed, hungry. You, you, you – this “you” you think to be yourself, but behind this “you” there is something that cannot be gotten rid of, even if the body is not there. If both your hands or legs were cut off, you would still exist as “you.” That means that you are not this body. In sound sleep, you are unconscious of your body, but you still exist, so you are not this body. Who then is this “you?” This “you” is your innermost Self. We must find in our own self this important “I.”

Who am I? I am not this body. Then who am I? “I” might be energy. But when I do not move, do not act – when I am unconscious – energy does not manifest itself, yet I still exist. So I am not energy.

“I” might be mind. But the same applies here. When I am unconscious, in sound sleep, and the mind is still, the mind is not functioning, but I still exist. So I am also not mind. Then who am I? Try to grasp this. Let us try to understand what cannot be understood. I am that which is not body, not energy, not mind.

In sound sleep, what do you experience? Nothing. That is you! Why? If I am not body, energy, mind, then I am that which has no body, energy, mind, and only sound sleep means that. Only sound sleep answers the question. In sound sleep, you are not body, not energy, not mind. Yet the body is there, energy is there, mind is there. Only the consciousness of body, of energy, of mind is not there.

-www.lordmeher.org, p3573
Sept, 1954; Meherabad (“The Three Incredible Weeks”)

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