As Food Is to the Body, the Body Is to the Soul

Thereupon the topic of the preservation of the body was dilated upon by Shri:

Why […]

“The body is to the soul as the waste material is to the food.”

Afterwards, he was driven to the Parsi bangli, where he had the car stopped outside. Baba remained seated in the […]

Ceremonies and rituals for the dead



Then turning to the subject of ceremonies, particularly those for the dead, as practiced among the Parsis and Hindus, Baba […]

Death and sanskaras

On March 6th, while explaining about after death and experiencing gross impressions in the […]

Maya is the illusion that everything in this world is real


On Saturday, 21 March, when Mehendarge received news of his brother’s demise, he wept. Baba consoled him and said:

The link of sanskaras at birth and death

While conversing with the mandali later that same day, Baba observed:

Why do you suffer from loss of […]

Reincarnation and Karma [11]– The Significance of Death: Death begins interval between incarnations

In normal cases, death occurs when all the sanskaras seeking fructification are worked out. When the soul […]

Reincarnation and Karma [10]– The Significance of Death: Irresistible impulsion

In such cases, the discarnate soul experiences an irresistible impulsion toward the gross world and craves gross objects so badly […]

Reincarnation and Karma [9]– The Significance of Death: Effects of untimely death

Ordinarily, life in the physical body is terminated only when the sanskaras released for expression in that incarnation are all […]

Reincarnation and Karma [7]– The Significance of Death: Immortality of the soul

Immortality of the individualized soul is made possible by the fact that the individualized soul is not the same as […]