The link of sanskaras at birth and death

While conversing with the mandali later that same day, Baba observed:

Why do you suffer from loss of memory? When someone receives a sudden shock, he is likely to lose his memory. His mind goes blank and its past link with things related to it is snapped. Sanskaras are there in the mind, but because of the snapping of the mental link, one does not recognize anyone or anything. He even forgets his near and dear ones.

Similarly, at the time of death a great shock is felt, resulting in loss of memory. One completely forgets his past life. Suppose in the past life you were a boy or a girl, good or bad, but in the present life you have no knowledge of it because the link has snapped. During death, the mind receives such a shock that it affects all the impressions. When again a child is born, the effect of the shock is dissipated, the mind opens, the link restarts and life begins functioning. The impressions that were covered are now uncovered and are used up in actions.

It is all according to your impressions of illusion, or the dream, that these are there. The present life is nothing but the result of the actions of the past life. Due to loss of memory, you have forgotten those impressions and feel like it is starting a fresh life, but in fact you are continuing the old life. As the sun rises daily in the East, the sanskaras of the past life are spent in this life.

Past impressions of the mind, when they turn into actions in the present life, create new sanskaras. Mind is full of sanskaras, and past sanskaras are to be expended. But alongside, new sanskaras crop up. Due to his past sanskaras, Kishan Singh has to take down what I am saying now. While writing, he thinks that whatever Baba is saying he is writing. This thought does not belong to past sanskaras and thus he creates new impressions. Mind is freed and is bound, and it binds itself by freeing itself.

This goes on and on until annihilation of the mind is achieved and liberation gained., p3388
August, 1953; Dehra Dun


“Throw all your burden of sanskaras at my feet. I am the Ocean and can absorb your entire burden.”
(, p4852)

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