Ego’s tricky nature – Part 4 (Final)

Baba concluded, “God alone exists.”

The Shastri said, “If it is so, from where does ignorance creep in?”

Baba explained:

God is One, Indivisible. The many divisions you see are only apparent. They are the outcome of ignorance. How can this be explained? How can ignorance know itself as ignorance?

The dream state that you experience will give you some idea about this.

Suppose you go to sleep, and I appear to you in your dream, saying: “Shastri, this is just a dream.” You will reply: “How can this be so? I see the sun, the sky … I see you so lovingly talking to me. It is too true to be a dream!” But when you wake up, you say to yourself: “What Baba had said in the dream is a fact.”

At present, you see me sitting with you. Now I say: “All that you see and feel in this ‘awake’ state is also a dream!” The whole universe is but a dream. Call it a ‘waking-dream.’ When by my grace you will realize God, you will know that what I am saying now is the Truth., p4685
May, 1960; Guruprasad

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