Ego’s tricky nature – Part 3

“Has not the God-realized One an ego?” asked the Shastri.

Baba replied:

He has. But the ego of the God-realized is altogether different. When you say: “I am so-and-so,” it is the false ego asserting the false self. When you become God-merged [a majzoob or Brahmi-bhoot], you have no mind; you are only conscious of being God. This is the state of superconsciousness. But when, retaining that state, you come down to normal consciousness, you have ego, but it is the Real Ego. If you read God Speaks, you will know the details about the different stages and states of consciousness.

Also, you must bear in mind that mere intellectual understanding has very little value by itself. Whether one understands the details of the Path or not, it is just the same. Only love counts.

To learn God is to unlearn yourself. It is a rare privilege to meet a Sadguru, and still more rare to love him as God-in-human form. It is well said: “One who has the Knowledge of God is not known to others.”, p4685
May, 1960; Guruprasad

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