The first Song and the first dance

While the little girls were dancing before Baba, he stated: “The first Song I sang, the first Dance I danced have eternally bound me. […]

Affliction a God-given chance of coming nearer to Him

Baba bathing a leper

That evening Baba had been invited to Dr. Patwardhan’s leper colony, five miles from Amraoti. He was taken around the […]

Real help vs. Temporary material relief

The next day, explaining about his bowing down to the poor, Baba stated, “When I do it, I do not […]

An opportunity to remember Baba more frequently

[In a long letter to Ramchandra Gadekar, who was ailing with cancer, dated 1 February 1959, Baba wrote:]

Baba knows how you have […]

Obedience is an offering from the lover to the Beloved

In response to the replies that the Westerners had sent to Baba reaffirming their love and obedience to him, Baba had this message sent […]

I Am the Greatest All-Rounder

Baba lovingly embraced the cricket players [who are going to England on cricket tour] and handed each a copy of Life At Its Best […]

“I come to awaken all!”

When Bhau was with Baba during nightwatch, Baba would ask about the letters received. One day Bhau answered, […]

Meaning of Real love

Keshav [Narain Nigam] began the introductions. He first introduced a boy named Singh, who had accompanied Baba to Andhra in 1953 and subsequently had […]

A special Avataric advent

This is an Avataric age, and it is a special Avataric advent because I am observing silence. Science and anti-God elements will reach their […]

A true lover

After the Poona workers meeting, K. K. Ramakrishnan sent Baba a letter expressing his discouragement, and asked to be relieved of his responsibilities […]