Meaning of Real love

Keshav [Narain Nigam] began the introductions. He first introduced a boy named Singh, who had accompanied Baba to Andhra in 1953 and subsequently had […]

The spirit of true love: Love and sacrifice go hand in hand


The light of love is not free from its fire of sacrifices. In fact, like heat and light, love and sacrifice, so to […]

The spirit of true love: Beyond all ledgers and measures

The spirit of true love and real sacrifice is beyond all ledgers and needs no measures. A constant wish to love and […]

The spirit of true love: Needs to be kindled and rekindled

Of all the forces that can best overcome all difficulties is the love that knows how to give without necessarily bargaining for a return.


True love comes as a gift of grace

To those whose hearts are pure and simple, true love comes as a gift through the activising grace of a Master. Such […]

The recipients of His grace

“No one can realize God except through the grace and help of a God-realized Master, who is Truth incarnate. Only a God-realized […]

What is pure love

On Sunday evening, 24 December 1939, a lawyer from a rural area, a simple and plain-spoken man, met Baba and […]

True Love

True love is very different from an evanescent outburst of indulgent emotionalism or the enervating stupor of […]

Nature of Love : Real love is bestowed; to be ready, deepen this devotion

On Sunday, 30 March 1930, Shroff brought his family and friends to Nasik to see Baba who expounded on […]

Baba loves everybody no matter how terrible they are

Bili Eaton had come from New York for the sahavas. She was feeling full of guilt the entire time, as she had fallen in […]