Violence and Non-Violence – Part 1

[Here is a series of messages Beloved Baba has given on the equation of individual to society in general, related to the topic of […]

“Fit for the Path”

While in Panchgani, Baba would give darshan once a week on Thursdays to his lovers in nearby towns. In addition, at times other lovers […]

Stay for me and not for the self – Part 2 (Final)

1940 November-December Ceylon, bathing Chatti Baba

Krishna snapped back, “Do you think I am staying with you for money?”

“Then why do […]

Stay for me and not for the self – Part 1


During Baba’s month-long stay in Quetta, Chatti Baba [mast or God-intoxicated soul] would never stay indoors in his room, but would roam about […]

The Seven Realities

It was in Jaipur, on Thursday, January 9th, 1941, that the Master dictated his message, The Seven Realities of Meher Baba’s Teaching. It […]

Opposition helps in Baba’s work


On November 11th, after breakfast, Norina asked Baba, “Why should everything apparently go wrong when you wish to work in Ceylon? The weather […]

Thoughts are like mosquitoes, and my name is the mosquito net


On December 12th, Baba explained another point to the women about meditation:

Those of you who are unable to meditate should repeat my […]

An example of real love

… a song was playing on the radio entitled, What Do You Know of Love? Baba repeated the refrain and asked the women:

What […]

Faith in Baba restores eyesight


That night, Baba narrated to the women a story that Chanji had told him:

One of my devotees was working in an […]

Sandals of the Master


On November 8th, Baba asked Norina, “Which would you rather be, my hat or my sandals?”

Norina said, “Your sandals.”


“Because the […]