Stay for me and not for the self – Part 2 (Final)

1940 November-December Ceylon, bathing Chatti Baba

Krishna snapped back, “Do you think I am staying with you for money?”

“Then why do you take payment from me? But be warned, to do your work without compensation, like the mandali, will be still more troublesome. It requires exactitude. Only he whose head is ever-bowed at my feet can work like that. You are a hopeless fellow! You are useless! It is better you go away!”

“If you think that I am here for wages, then I will leave.”

“Where will you go?”

“Anywhere … I will find work.”

“Had you any love for me, you wouldn’t talk like this,” Baba motioned, and he left the room.

Krishna felt terrible and decided to leave Baba. When he took one step toward the door, Chatti Baba began laughing loudly. Krishna asked the mast, “Why are you laughing?”

“Where are you going?”

Peeved, Krishna replied tersely, “I’m going somewhere! What difference does it make to you?”

The mast then declared, “Go anywhere in the world you like; wherever you go, he will be there. There is no place where he is not.”

Krishna opened the door. Baba was standing outside. He told Baba he was leaving him. Baba replied, “Fine, but do one thing first. Give Chatti Baba his breakfast. When he finishes, then you may go.” Krishna agreed. By the time the mast finished eating, Krishna’s temper had cooled. Baba said, “Now go.”

“I would like to stay,” said Krishna.

Echoing Chatti Baba’s words, Baba said, “Go anywhere, but I will always be with you. I am in you, and throughout the world. Even if you leave me, you will come again and be with me in your next birth. If you want to stay, stay; but stay for me, and not for the self!” And thus Baba forgave him.



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